Final Programme

Marine aging of polymers and mechanical performance

Wednesday 28th August 2019

9h-9h15. Introduction (Colloquium chairmen)

Session 1. Fibre reinforced polymers

Chairman: Prof. J. Summerscales (University of Plymouth, UK)

9h15-10h.           Keynote:  Prof. AT Echtermeyer, NTNU Trondheim & DNVGL, Norway

Simplified Methods to Obtain Long Term Properties of Composites in a wide range of Marine/Offshore Environments

10h-10h30         Experimental Investigation on the effect of water ingress on the flexural and interlaminar properties of glass/vinyl-ester composite laminates for marine applications. Nash et al., (IRE)

10h30-11h Coffee break

11h-11h30           Investigation of the Effect of Water Ageing on Fracture Toughness of Novel Composite Materials. Floreani et al (G-B)

11h30-12h           Study of the hygro-elastic behavior of composite materials in presence of cracks: application to the durability of renewable marine energy structures. Uguen et al, (F)

12h-12h30           Durability studies of biocomposites wthin the SeaBioComp project. Vancoillie (B).

12h30-14h Buffet lunch

Session 2. Polymer foams

Chairman: Dr D. Melot (Total SA, France)

14h-14h 45.        Keynote:  G. Stewart, Balmoral, Scotland

Syntactic Foam Buoyancy Materials for Subsea Service: Composition, Design, Applications, Testing and Challenges

14h45-15h15       Effect of ageing parameter coupling on the durability of syntactic foam, Le Gac, Le Gall  (F)

15h15-15h45       The evolution of syntactic foam technology to meet increasingly diverse subsea applications and demands, Lair et al. (Lair, F/UK)

15h45 -16h15 Tea break

16h15-17h           Ageing of Petroleum- and Biobased Polymers, from Nuclear Power Plants to Packaging Materials, Hedenqvist (S)

End of Day One

19h. Meet at Marina du Château for dinner

Thursday 29th August

Session 3. Polymers

Chairman: Prof. M. Hedenqvist (KTH Sweden)

9h-9h45.              Keynote:  Prof. E. Richaud, ENSAM Paris, France

Aging of epoxies: case of bonded assemblies

9h45-10h15       How do polymers degrade in Antarctica ?                                                                                Tochacek et al.(CZ)

10h15-10h45       Understanding degradation mechanisms of microplastics in environmental samples.         Eisentraut et al. (D)

10h45-11h15 Coffee break

11h15-11h45       Characterization of water diffusion in the interphase of a bonded joint by fiber optic sensor based on Fresnel reflection. Grangeat et al. (F)

11h45-12h15       NMR as a Versatile Tool in the Study of Polymer Aging.                                                             Adams (D)

12h15-12h45       Lifetime prediction of thermoplastic elastomers undergoing hydrolysis, based on chain scission kinetic model and structure-property relationships. Bardin et al (F)

12h45-14h Buffet lunch

Session 4. Polymer fibres

Chairman: P. Davies (Ifremer)

14h-15h.              Keynote:  M. Vlasblom, DSM Dyneema Holland

HMPE fiber creep resistance: From perceived weakness to design parameter

15h00-15h30       Oxidative lifetime prediction of polypropylene geotextiles in an aqueous medium by using high pressure autoclave tests. Zanzinger et al. (D)

15h30-16h00 Tea break

16h00-16h30       Long term behavior of nylon fibres and ropes. Chevillotte, Humeau et al. (F)

16h30-17h00       Fibre rope selection for offshore renewable energy: Current status and future needs.       Weller (G-B)


17h00-17h30       Summary and general discussion on marine aging and coupling.


17h30                    End of Day 2.

Gala dinner EUROMECH/CFM, Oceanopolis