Provisional EUROMECH programme, Brest 28th & 29th August 2019.

Marine aging of polymers and mechanical performance






Fibre reinforced polymers

AT Echtermeyer (keynote),


NTNU Trondheim, & DNVGL Norway


Simplified Methods to Obtain Long Term Properties of Composites in a wide range of Marine/Offshore Environments

  • Experimental Investigation on the effect of water ingress on the flexural and interlaminar properties of glass/vinyl-ester composite laminates for marine applications. Nash et al., (IRE)
  • Study of the hygro-elastic behavior of composite materials in presence of cracks: application to the durability of renewable marine energy structures. Uguen et al, (F)
  • Investigation of the Effect of Water Ageing on Fracture Toughness of Novel Composite Materials. Floreani et al (G-B)
  • Durability studies of biocomposites wthin the SeaBioComp project. Vancoillie(B).


Polymer foams

G. Stewart (keynote),

Balmoral, Scotland

Syntactic Foam Buoyancy Materials for Subsea Service: Composition, Design, Applications, Testing and Challenges

  • Effect of ageing parameter coupling on the durability of syntactic foam, Ifremer (F)
  • The evolution of syntactic foam technology to  meet increasingly diverse subsea applications and demands, Lair et al. (F/UK)




  • Ageing of Petroleum- and Biobased Polymers, from Nuclear Power Plants to Packaging Materials, Hedenqvist (S)


Evening event




E. Richaud (keynote)

ENSAM Paris, France


Aging of epoxies: case of bonded assemblies

  • How do polymers degrade in Antarctica ? Tochacek et al.(CZ)
  • Understanding degradation mechanisms of microplastics in environmental samples. Eisentraut et al. (D)
  • Characterization of water diffusion in the interphase of a bonded joint by fiber optic sensor based on Fresnel reflection. Grangeat et al. (F)
  • NMR as a Versatile Tool in the Study of Polymer Aging. Adams (D)
  • Lifetime prediction of thermoplastic elastomers undergoing hydrolysis, based on chains scission kinetic model and structure-property relationships. Bardin et al (F),


Polymer fibres

M. Vlasblom (keynote)

DSM Dyneema Holland


HMPE fiber creep resistance: From perceived weakness to design parameter

  • Oxidative lifetime prediction of polypropylene geotextiles in an aqueous medium by using high pressure autoclave tests. Zanzinger et al. (D)
  • Long term behavior of nylon fibres and ropes. Chevillotte, Humeau et al. (F)
  • Fibre rope selection for offshore renewable energy: Current status and future needs. Weller (G-B)

Gala dinner, Oceanopolis

Version : April 26th 2019